Welcome to the official collector club, dedicated to all things to Hagen-Renaker!

Welcome, HR collectors! The year 2024 is a fresh chapter for Hagen-Renaker Tennessee.

The pottery production space and the Ceramic Animal Museum share an expanded footprint.

The Club and HR Tennessee acknowledge the memory of Susan Renaker Nikas. The love carries on, as she and her parents wanted. We know she was proud of the club’s outreach, the newsletter’s authors, as well as proud of the products put forth by HR TN. Thank you, Sue, for the past, present, and future.

Hagen-Renaker in California closed at the end of 2021. The Club will continue to serve collectors, and Hagen-Renaker Tennessee continues to serve our members with exceptional quality, licensed reissues of all animals, sizes, and from the historic HR product lines. We are still 100% made in the USA.

Our members also receive free access and registration at Hagen-Renaker Field Guide, an identification site years in the making. This incredible resource was brought to you by HRCC contributing author, Claudia Segger.

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New members are welcome, year-round; see the Membership page for details on all the club perks.

If you are not a collector, but need help identifying or rehoming a collection, click the We Can Help button. This is a free service. We are also the Hagen-Renaker Collectors Club on Facebook.

Hagen-Renaker ceramics have attracted collectors for over seven decades. In all that time, it is only natural for fans to “find” each other, forming the Hagen-Renaker Collectors Club, or HRCC. This is the officially-sanctioned club.

Collectors of all interests and experience levels are welcome in the HRCC. This is not a club solely focused on the model horse aspect of HR, although it is well-covered. Our newsletter aims to cover both vintage and new of all the HR lines, as well as collector events, concerns, and education. There is a regular article feature in our newsletter that is geared towards novice collectors.

All members are welcome to submit educational articles, to help expand our collective understanding and enjoyment of the pottery. Beyond the newsletter, the club site’s members-only area has sneak peeks, special runs, and more.