Note: Access is NOT automatic after payment; there is a delay, depending on your reply to the Registrar’s email. Every member is registered manually, after an email exchange confirming your Username and address. We manually register to filter out spammers and site security threats. Please check your Spam folders or your email that you used for PayPal, if you use more than one email address. This will be in your email inbox, not in a PayPal message. The club Registrar will send you a Welcome registration email, but we can only send to the email address on the PayPal (it is the only one we can see). Thank you for your patience, as we go the extra mile to keep the site and its members secure.

A membership is for 12 months from the date paid, and offers log-in access to the club web site for that duration. To Renew, scroll down for the PayPal button (same button for new or renewals).

Over the course of 12 months, no matter when you join, there are multiple member-exclusive purchase opportunities. If you joined before October 31st, you will receive the current year’s Annual at the end of the year. After that date each year, your Annual will be at the end of the next year.

Our ninth year of the club reboot begins with 2024. HR TN sponsors our fun contests, and now some members also donate prizes. The contests emphasize your interaction and creativity with your collection, and don’t just award the rarest or fanciest HR. We even have contests for well-loved (damaged) HRs.

We added new club features back in 2018: our members receive free access and registration at Hagen-Renaker Field Guide, an identification site years in the making.  If you receive two emails from that domain explaining your registration, please note they are not spam. This incredible resource was brought to you by HRCC author Claudia Segger.

All members would benefit from signing up for MailChimp HRCC news, to ensure you get all the club updates. Check the Community button in the menu above, for more connection options.

The club is your gateway to exclusive HR TN Special Runs. Some runs are limited by quantity, other runs are only available to order for a limited time. Members can access past club SR information under the Retired HRs button, after logging in (not visible to non-members). Hagen-Renaker Tennessee now does all HR production.

Once you join or renew, you may access the Members-Only Offers page, and see any photos and the order forms. Members joining after November 1st of each year will not receive an Annual until the next calendar year, due to printing order cut-off date. The club publication will be via two methods: new issues available every quarter, for members-only viewing at the web site; and a compilation softbound Annual, mailed to each eligible (registered for that year) member at the end of that year.

Why is there a published Annual?

There was a tradition of receiving HRCC in the mail: having something to look forward to, to carry everywhere, and re-read, for years to come. The very nature of collecting leans towards a printed record that can be held in the hands and set on the bookshelf. A single compilation Annual salutes this tradition, without the strain of year-round print-and-mail deadlines. Not everyone has smart phones to “carry” their newsletters everywhere, but each year, they will have a tangible Annual. The Annual collects the “best of” the year, in full color, and is professionally printed and bound. We support our fellow hobbyists, and our graphic designer is Heather Malone.

thumbAnnual2 thumbAnnual3

Can I opt out of the Annual, for a lower membership fee?

This is not an option, as the material quality and ultimate size of the Annual is dependent on membership quantity. Publishing costs adjust with greater quantities, allowing us to select better printing options. Your membership fee is used to order the Annual and cover your postage in the USA. There is no profit anticipated, as all income is anticipated to be rolled right back into the best publishing quality we can afford. International subscribers will be individually quoted their additional shipping remainder due, when it is time to mail. The more members there are in a year, the fancier and larger the Annual. The only extras I order are to meet a minimum for a price break on the printing. Keeping it limited helps the Annuals themselves grow collector value, and potentially become investments.

May I purchase multiple years’ memberships, right now?

No, the vagaries of economics mean that each year could see an increase. The postal service makes increases at least twice a year now, and our printing costs doubled every 4 years. The entire site was updated and moved to a secure server at an enormous out-of-pocket expense in 2021. There was a $5 membership fee increase for September 22nd, 2022, so all memberships are now $34. The previous increase was of $2 in 2021. We do not wish to hurt the quality of future printings by becoming underfunded for future years.

How do I subscribe?

We have a PayPal button on this page (scroll down), which will allow you to use your PayPal or credit cards to join the club. No e-Checks.

The HRCC is not responsible for the reliability or speed of your internet service, nor for items lost in the US Mail. Every effort will be made to activate your online membership within 24 hours of your payment being received. This is MANUALLY processed; there is no automatic registration, for security reasons.

Within 24 hours of sending your PayPal, you will receive an email from the Registrar to your PayPal email. This will ask you to confirm your contact email and your choice for your log-in ID. The Registrar will not assume your PayPal is your regular email contact address, since many people keep them separate. Upon receiving your ID and email confirmation, you will then get a password to log in to your account. Welcome to the club!

Without signing in, you’ll see the public face at the site, and just the general information pages that remain public. Your log-in is how the Newsletter remains private, for paying readers only. Whenever you are signed in, you will see much more: Special Runs, Events, Sneak Peeks. On Facebook, HRCC has an active members-only Group, which you are welcome to join for discussion, questions, contests, and photo sharing. 

A member’s log-in is only able to access the site and the group at Facebook for the 12 consecutive months of that member’s paid membership. A membership cannot be paused or reassigned dates. The HRCC is not responsible for time that you do not use your account, and we will not pro-rate for idle accounts. Each member is responsible for security of their own log-in and password; sharing your log-in for non-paying readers’ access is forbidden. The Honor System is in action. Sharing of account log-ins or printed-out copies endangers your account. It also diminishes the Annual’s size and quality, because each person shared with for free is one less contributor to the print funding. Sharing violations are enforced by immediate removal from the membership. Failure to secure your account constitutes a default of the terms of membership, and the account/registered member will not receive a refund nor the Annual. Sharing online access or sharing unofficial prints of newsletters is unauthorized use of the members-only newsletter.

Can I print out newsletters, at all?

Yes, you are welcome to print off the newsletter for your own personal files. We understand that printing it before the Annual arrives may be necessary for vision reasons, convenience (i.e., anticipating a loss of internet), or personal preference. Home print-outs are done with your own supplies and at your expense, and are not covered, nor officially endorsed, nor reimbursed by the HRCC in any way. Your print-outs are not for resale.

How do I pay?

You may join or renew at the annual rate of US$34.00. There has been only a $10 increase since 2008, which is pretty amazing, considering the value. International subscribers can pay this now as a partial payment, to access the newsletter online; they will be invoiced for the additional shipping required for their Annuals, due well before the Annual is shipped. Please click on the PayPal button to Join or Renew.

The club does NOT accept payment for subscription via snailmail.

All newsletters are provided online (for log-in access). The Newsletter is never emailed to members, it is too big! The mailed paper Annual is the only exception to this policy.

How do I reach you?

Email is the best way to reach us. We also check the club’s Facebook page. We are happy to help you with questions, even if you are not a member.

Current Registrar and editor: Christina Harrington  hrclubeditor “at” gmail “dot” com

Alternate contact: Kristina Francis  hagenrenakercollectorsclub “at” gmail “dot” com