The result of decades of collecting, the museum is a group effort that aims to preserve and progress ceramic animal arts. The collection covers Hagen-Renaker, various other California potteries, and animal ceramic figurines from around the world. We have experience with intake, organizing, and restoration of bequests: no gift too small nor too large. Each piece has merit in solving a mystery or completing a timeline. All in one place, a fan or serious student may access originals and a growing library of references. The museum and Hagen-Renaker Tennessee are laying the groundwork of the HR TN Academy, an education effort to train interested folks in the arts of ceramic production and restoration.


Original Hagen-Renaker potteries decorator’s station


Historic items, including flat art and related studio materials, are cleaned and displayed. This is not the online museum, but rather a physical location owned by the Francis family in East TN. Currently, the museum is open during HRCC Fellowship, and by appointment only. Expansion of the site is ongoing.

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