Our newest exhibit is the decorator station of Susan Nikas (Hagen-Renaker). The installation was assembled using photos taken at the factory closure, and her personal chair, desk, tools, brushes, and paints.
Even the penguin she was testing out, on the last day of work, is present.

Currently, the Ceramic Animal Museum is in a remodel for display expansion.

Over 288 feet of new display space is being developed for exhibits.

The result of decades of collecting, the museum is a communal effort that aims to preserve and progress ceramic animal arts. While the focus is on all American pottery that depicts animals, the collection covers Hagen-Renaker in depth, various California potteries, and ceramic animal figurines from around the world. We have experience with intake, organizing, and restoration of bequests: no gift too small, nor too large.

Each piece has merit in solving a mystery or completing a timeline. All in one place, a fan or serious student may access originals and a growing library of references. With the addition of the San Dimas HR factory ephemera, it is now the deepest direct-source HR research collection in the world. The museum and Hagen-Renaker Tennessee are laying the groundwork of the HR TN Academy, an education effort to train interested adults in ceramic production and restoration.

Original Hagen-Renaker potteries decorator’s station

Historic items, including flat art and related studio materials, are cleaned and displayed. This is not the online museum, but rather a physical location in East TN. Currently, the museum is open during HRCC Fellowships, and by appointment only. 

For more information, email: hagenrenakercollectorsclub (at) gmail (dot) com

or visit our Facebook Page.