Submissions are welcome from members and non-members, alike. In the past, non-members have had valuable and interesting information to offer, once believed to be lost to history. If you were a dealer, have personal connections to the factory, or have technical insights as a past HR employee, the club would love to hear from you.

Over the years, the club newsletter has enjoyed growth towards academic HR articles. The Annual publication, comprised of the year’s most thoroughly-researched articles, has become a solid resource for collectors.

When you submit photos and text, you have the options of your name, eBay seller ID, or anonymous “private collector” caption on your submitted material. Additionally, books and personal email or phone interviews are listed in References, at the end of posts that use them.

The editor can adapt snailmailed print photographs, and the standard sizes of jpg images, the raw files from your camera. 

Submissions deadlines:

January 15th

March 15th

May 15th

July 1st (shorter deadline due to BreyerFest in July)

September 15th (also the deadline for inclusion in the Annual)

November 15th

Please use the email to inquire for snailmail instructions. This allows the editor to know how and when to expect your delicate photo prints. Thank you for your consideration in growing the newsletter!

Stories that pertain to personal anecdotes, not factory history, reach their audience on the Group. The playful side of collecting, sharing, and displays can be found alive and well on the interactive Facebook Group. Paid current members are welcome to join the Group and participate for the duration of their club membership. This web site does not have the ability to support a competing Group platform, which is why we use Facebook. Apologies to those who do not use Facebook.

You must be logged into facebook to search for Hagen-Renaker Collectors Club Group on Facebook, then click the Request to join. If you are logged in, use this link:

Topics that diverge from the newsletter’s research goals, but are appropriate for the Facebook Group:

Do you have a “conga line” of a favorite mold?

Maybe you have a variation to show off?

Do you set up your Miniatures animals in playful scenes, like picnics, circus, or other settings?

Have an old family photo with HRs in it?

A personal story about how you started or enhanced your collection?

Do you take mobile phone photos of your finds “in the wild”, including antique store “identification” and pricing of HRs?