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Dispersal of Collections and Bequests

This service is offered to both the public and club members. Last month’s “What I Did Instead of Summer Vacation” struck a chord with readers, and we had some requests for help with dispersal, preservation, restoring, and identifying estates. If you need to be put in touch with someone who can organize the dispersal of a collection when you or your family needs it, we can help. I can personally help you, or connect you to several trusted collectors nationwide, who have experience in both HRs and dispersals. I consider it part of my duty to match anyone’s need with the right person for the job, and ensure that the items will be preserved. Over the past few months, I have added equipment to transport and house collections, fine-tuned what works best, and shared that information. I am also learning from, and helping, others who are handling estates of model horses. No one person knows everything about everything, so we all must learn from each other. This network of kind and experienced folk gives us peace of mind that our treasures will be identified and handled respectfully.

Contact: hagenrenakercollectorsclub@gmail.com

“I can’t log in…”

Please check the date of your last $29 PayPal to HRCC (if you paid HRCC for other goods, the amounts will be different). Time flies, and it is very easy to forget. Expired membership is the most common log-in failure. Did you check the original email from the editor, and determine that you used your correct Username? Most people have more than one Username, due to the many services in our lives that require secure access. In HRCC’s membership program, Usernames cannot be changed, so rest assured that your original Username, confirmed via email from the editor, will always be your HRCC Username. Wrong Username is the second most common log-in failure. Are you logging in on the Facebook page? Any log-in fields on the Facebook site pertain only to Facebook. The HRCC web site is independent of FB, and has its own log-in fields. The FB page is just to promote the club; it is not the actual club. The correct web address to log in at:


Did you try to use the “Lost Your Password?” Button on the log in area? This feature is now online. The web site template and the membership program are now compatible in executing this command. Please email the editor directly if the lost your password button does not work.


While you were logged in, did you “Edit My Profile”, change your password, and lose where you wrote it down? Just use the lost password button. If that fails, email the editor to reset. You may later log in and change it to a new password that you can write down/save securely. The editor will reset it to let you back in, because even I cannot view your self-set password on your profile. The editor can only reset.

Is your internet service experiencing interruption? If your wifi, LTE, or modem is showing no service, or flickering off and on, your internet service provider may be resetting the server or experiencing a temporary outage. This results in log-in incompletion, or temporary access that ends abruptly. The HRCC is not responsible for your internet service provider, and can’t help with that. You must call your provider. I find this site to be very helpful, and saves me a lot of time waiting on a computerized phone system to get the same answer: http://downdetector.com/