The Eds Said APR 2022

Welcome to our new members, and welcome to spring as well. This newsletter has dalmation dot spotting by Kirsten Wellman, Elephant memory snapshots from Claudia Segger, and Mountain Lion peeks from Sarah Wellman.

Right now, there seem to be more twists and turns than many of us had expected. Some are carry overs from 2021, and some are new in 2022. It is taking time, more than anyone involved would like, to get back on track when things get derailed. The pack up of the factory in California required a large detour for Kristina and HR TN, in order to save the essence and history of Hagen-Renaker, Inc. It will also require time to get back on track, to the newer normal, and make progress. Your patience as HR TN attempts to get back on track is greatly appreciated.

One result of the pack up is that there is new old stock, color standards/samples, and even tests that need new homes. The quantity is a bit mind blowing, but they are slowly being listed on eBay by Paul Francis. If you would like to keep an eye on the listings, the eBay user id is: hagen-renaker . It has the Hagen-Renaker logo as the account picture. I have been enjoying the listings to date. There are so many that I must admit that I am quite overwhelmed as to which are included in the online price watch article. There are dozens to choose from, which makes for an excruciating choice.

This newsletter is coming to you on what was supposed to be Fellowship weekend. Through a series of unfortunate circumstances and delayed scheduling with non ceramic work at the HR TN studio, it is not happening this weekend. I have not yet given up hope that it could be rescheduled for later in 2022, but it is still too early to tell, one way or the other. If you would like to listen to conversation about Hagen-Renakers that is not out of your own mouth, there is an option of listening to recorded phone interviews that Nancy Kelly conducted while researching her book. In Nancy’s words:

“While interviewing the wonderful folks at Hagen-Renaker to write my books, they allowed me to record our phone conversations. Here are some excerpts from those recordings that were done between 1998 and 2000 so that fans of HR can hear their voices. The quality of the recordings varies a lot due to inconsistent phone line conditions, so each recording also has a transcript. Enjoy listening to the people who made HR the incredible company that it was, and still is today!”

The link is:

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